in search of lost time – L’Express

in search of lost time – LExpress

Following in the footsteps of Marcel Proust and the authors that this universal theme inspired, L’Express went in search of lost time in an interview with Brigit Bontour for its anthology The Taste of Time*. A time that transforms throughout our pages. Sometimes it appears in majesty when the complication of the big date underlines the readability of the figures of a double aperture. Sometimes he hides in a feminine watch with a secretwhere the time can be read freely.

The present tends to escape us in the instantaneous photograph of a French watch industry, in constant evolution. While we continue to look in the rearview mirror at our iconic models to reinterpret them through a neo-vintage filter. From accessories, these objects then become essential and their resurgence builds a bridge between yesterday and today. As if to better reinvent the past thanks to a rediscovered time.

An article from the special “Watchmaking” section of L’Express, published in the weekly on December 7, 2023