In red the price lists of the Old Continent

In red the price lists of the Old Continent

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Piazza Affari is moving in negative territory. The same downward trend also for the main European stock exchanges, with the banking sector once again in the storm, despite the reassurances of the authorities. “The euro area banking sector is resilient, as it has strong capital and liquidity positions”, assured the President of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde. Yesterday, two German banks – Deutsche Pfandbriefbank and Aareal Bank – waived the repayment of their AT1 bonds.

On the foreign exchange market, theEuro / US Dollar the session continued just below parity, with a drop of 0.64%. Caution prevails overgold, which continues the session with a slight drop of 0.36%. Slight drop in oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil), which drops to 69.23 dollars per barrel.

Slightly increase it spreadswhich reaches +182 basis points, with a slight increase of 2 basis points, with the yield on the 10-year BTP equal to 3.90%.

In the European stock market scenario bad performance for Frankfurtwhich is down 1.66%, under pressure Londonposting a decline of 1.26%, and session black for Pariswhich leaves a loss of 1.74% on the table.

Session to forget for the Italian Stock Exchange, with the FTSEMIB which leaves 2.23% on the ground, continuing the series of three consecutive declines, which began last Wednesday; along the same lines, sales on the FTSE Italia All-Sharewhich closed the day at 28,037 points, down sharply by 2.16%.

Heavy the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-1.55%); as well as, depressed the FTSE Italy Star (-1.59%).

The value of trades in today’s session in Piazza Affari was equal to 2.65 billion euros, with an increase of no less than 766.7 million euros, equal to 40.71%, compared to the previous 1.88 billion; while the volumes traded went from 0.52 billion shares in the previous session to today’s 0.67 billion.

Out of 447 stocks traded on the Milan Stock Exchange, 218 ended the session with a drop, while 95 rose. The remaining 134 shares remained unchanged.

Best performers among the most capitalized Italian stocks, DiaSorin advances by 3.60%.

The strongest sales, however, fell on Ivecowhich finished trading at -5.01%.

At a loss BPM deskwhich drops by 4.14%.

Slide Unicreditwith a clear disadvantage of 4.06%.

Heavy BPERwhich marks a drop of as much as -4.04 percentage points.

At the top of the mid-cap rankings from Milan, El.En (+2.57%), Dry (+2.43%), Intercos (+2.11%) and IREN (+2.09%).

The strongest sales, however, fell on Webuildwhich finished trading at -4.70%.

Bad sitting for De’Longhiwhich drops by 4.09%.

Sensitive losses for Banca Popolare di Sondriodown 4.08%.

Breathless Tinextawhich falls by 3.89%.

Among macroeconomic appointments which will have the greatest influence on the performance of the markets:

Friday 03/24/2023
00:30 Japan: Consumption prices, annual (previous 4.3%)
01:30 Japan: Manufacturing PMI (exp. 48.2 points; previous 47.7 points)
08:00 United Kingdom: Retail sales, annual (exp. -4.7%; previous -5.2%)
08:00 United Kingdom: Retail Sales, Monthly (exp. 0.2%; prev. 0.9%)
9:00 am Spain: Production prices, annual (previous 7.8%).