in Pretoria, the opposition completes its discussions by adopting a common program

in Pretoria the opposition completes its discussions by adopting a

Negotiations between the emissaries of Martin Fayulu, Delly Sesanga, Denis Mukwege and Moise Katumbi, all candidates for the presidential election in December 2023, closed on Friday in Pretoria. These talks, initiated on November 12 at the initiative of the ITI organizations and the Kofi Annan Foundation, resulted in the adoption of documents relating to the creation of a new coalition. This approach, Patient Ligodi, aims to achieve the designation of a common candidate to represent the coalition during the presidential election on December 20.

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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

The talks were marked by tough discussions. On several occasions, delegates retreated behind closed doors, away from mediation, in order to find compromise on points of disagreement.

At one point, Martin Fayulu’s camp found itself isolated. He insists on the priority of forming what he calls “the alliance for the transparency of the electoral process”, considering the joint candidacy as a possibility rather than an immediate obligation. On the other hand, for the other participants, the joint candidacy seems to be an essential element for winning the elections.

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Ultimately, delegates from four other candidates signed a final declaration, saying they had adopted a common program. This program aims to consolidate their respective political projects. They agreed to pool their efforts to monitor the progress of the elections, while deciding to create a new coalition.

This coalition will be named in Lingala “Congo ya Makasi”, meaning “A Strong Congo” in French.

Its main objective is to arrive at a common candidacy, an issue which will be debated among the candidates themselves, even if the delegates have laboriously defined the criteria for the nomination of this common candidate.

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