in Poland, divergent visions of Europe against a backdrop of war in Ukraine

in Poland divergent visions of Europe against a backdrop of

Poland has been in the European Union for 20 years. And since the last legislative elections in October, a new European breath has taken hold of the country. After eight years of the ultraconservative and nationalist PiS in power, Poland wants to gain more importance in Brussels, in the context of the war in Ukraine.

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With our correspondent in Warsaw, Martin Chabal

The arrival of Donald Tusk as Prime Minister is a strong symbol for the European Union. He, the former Chairman of the Board, wants to make Poland a great one from Europe. But in the context of the war in Ukrainethe head of the Polish government wants to do everything to continue helping Ukraine and treats his rivals as supporters of Russia.

For the Kremlin, the possible political victory of pro-Russian parties in Brussels would be more important than the capture of Kharkiv. These elections are about fighting to prevent war from entering our borders. »

Andrzej Duda wants a more independent Poland

Donald Tusk is trying to discredit the opposition of the populist PiS, leading in the polls. He considers them to be supporters of Russia, because they defend another vision of Europe.

Andrzej Duda, the president of Poland, attached to PiS, wants a more independent Poland: “ Will it be a Europe of homelands that respects the history, culture, tradition and identity of each Member State? Or will it be a centralized European state, as the bureaucrats in Brussels would like, where the EU treaties are modified by the big countries and Poland’s influence on decision-making the most important ones are limited? »

The PiS does not, however, call into question the defense of Ukraine, but wants to have greater room for maneuver to defend its border.

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