In New York, the heads of US and Chinese diplomacy discuss Taiwan

In New York the heads of US and Chinese diplomacy

Meeting this Friday of the American and Chinese foreign ministers, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. It was the first meeting for Antony Blinken and Wang Yi since July, before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which sparked the ire of Beijing. It is also Taiwan that was widely discussed in their interview.

With our special correspondent in New York, Christopher Paget

Extremely frank, constructive and in-depth is how an American official described the Anthony Blinken/Wang Yi encounter. The US Secretary of State insisted on the need to preserve the “ peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, after the Chinese military maneuvers that followed Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

During a speech in New York on Thursday, Wang Yi said the Taiwan issue was becoming the most risky issue of tension in US-China relations, days after US President Joe Biden again said he was ready. to intervene militarily if China used force against the island.

However, Antony Blinken wanted to reassure his counterpart: the United States is not changing its position, there is only one China, the People’s Republic of China.

Finally, it should be noted that during this meeting, the American Secretary of State again warned his Chinese counterpart against ” the implications if China were to provide support for the Russian invasion of a sovereign country ยป, hear Ukraine. On Thursday, at the UN Security Council, China preferred to call for the unconditional resumption of dialogue between belligerents rather than supporting Moscow.