in Nancy, Raphaël Glucksmann sees “hope” in the polls but keeps his feet on the ground

in Nancy Raphael Glucksmann sees hope in the polls but

He is currently the third man in the European elections in France and Raphaël Glucksmann now wants to see higher. If Jordan Bardella and the RN seem unattainable, several polls bring the head of the PS-Place Publique list closer to his rival in the presidential camp, Valérie Hayer. A hope which was illustrated in Nancy on Wednesday March 27, where the MEP was able to count on strong support.

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With our special correspondent in Nancy, Aurélien Duvernoix

Raphaël Glucksmann seems a little tight in his chair. Because two heavy weights surround him. On his left, the boss of the PS Olivier Faure, on the other, the candidate of the Social Democrats for the presidency of the European Commission, Nicolas Schmidt. The Luxembourger is betting a lot on a good list result Glucksman: “ The result of these elections in France is important for the socialist and social democratic group to become the first group in Parliament “, he says.

If the scenario is still very hypothetical, everyone agrees to notice a quiver. Proof of this is these 600 people gathered on a Wednesday evening in Nancy, including Patrick: “ From what little I’ve heard, he impresses me. It’s the third in terms of polls, I say: hats off! »

On stage, Raphaël Glucksmann gives voice, promising a Europe free from ultraliberalism, more social and ecological. In the front row, Olivier Faure has a smile: “ It’s been a long time since we’ve seen so many people in a room in Nancy “, he assures.

Congratulated from all sides, Raphaël Glucksmann cautiously savors: “ Something has begun which has the flavor of hope, which is promising. But two, three, four, five or six polls in a row which are in progress, that does not make an election. » Because the attacks have also gone up a notch: from the pursuers on the left on one side and from the weakened presidential camp on the other.

In a series of recent polls, the list led by Raphaël Glucksmann is given between 9% and 13% of voting intentions, in third position behind the RN list of Jordan Bardella and that of the Macronists directed by Valérie Hayer. Also, in a note published Thursday March 28, the Jean-Jaurès Foundation explains that the head of the PS list still seems to attract part of the electorates of Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) and Emmanuel Macron, the first for questions international, the second for national issues.

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