in Moscow, no crowds on the second day of voting

in Moscow no crowds on the second day of voting

Third day of voting this Sunday for the presidential election in Russia. A vote promised to the head of state Vladimir Putin. From this evening, there should be first estimates, but what will also be scrutinized are the participation figures. On Saturday, the crowd was not really there in front of a polling station in Moscow.

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There was not a big crowd on Saturday in the majestic marble setting of the Maison de la culture des cheminots. A building in the very center of Moscow which housed two polling stations, but where voters arrived in trickles.

Among them, Olga, 75, who perfectly represented the sociology of Russians who go to the polls: retired and public service. She said she was a bit disappointed by the organization of this foregone election. “ Well, before, it was nicer and more fun, there was music, entertainment… This year, it’s really basic. »

Outside, Tamara, another retiree, breaks out in a pro-Putin tirade. “ I like Vladimir Poutine, write it down, tell it to your president! He continues to grow. Today, the answer must still be Putin. You, in the West, wanted to conduct an experiment on us, but it didn’t work! Here we are still sane. We have a genetic memory, we will not change. And Putin was sent to us by God! »

You had to wait a while to hear different bell sounds. Ivan and Ira live between Japan and Russia, he is a high-ranking official, she works in a sector under sanctions, import-export. “ Every citizen wants peace. And not that we devote everything to the armed forces, but rather to the social development of our country. But this choice does not exist, and this is not a real election “, says Ivan “ Around me, no one will vote for Putin, and yet in the end he will still win these elections. It’s unfair, and even insulting to us citizens “, explains Ira.

But despite these few rare voices standing against the outgoing president, the head of the Kremlin is quietly heading towards a new plebiscite this evening.

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