In Martinique, supermarket shelves are starting to empty

In Martinique supermarket shelves are starting to empty

While the nights are always peppered with violence in Martinique, and the roadblocks continue the day on the roads, it is also blocking the commercial port through which goods and food arrive for the island. In supermarkets, the shelves are starting to empty.

With our special correspondent in Fort-de-France, Pierre Olivier

In this supermarket in the California zone, in Fort-de-France, several products are starting to run out.

It’s starting to go down, some shelves are a bit empty. For example, he’s running out of bread, things like that; I will see for the water », Comments a client.

For now, there is no shortage, but queues that are lengthening especially near the roadblocks that block access to supermarkets. ” It is above all access that is difficult. Some hypermarkets are overwhelmed with what is going on, so it’s mostly access that’s difficult.

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In this supermarket, there is no rush for basic necessities. Moreover, Martinicans say they are rather confident.

I don’t think we will have supply problems. Because in general, large distributions, they have deposits, they have reserves that can last at least a month. I think the situation will unblock next week, at least I hope so », Explains this lady.

As for service stations, no shortage has been observed for the moment either.

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