In Marseille, around thirty unaccompanied minors camp near the Old Port

In Marseille around thirty unaccompanied minors camp near the Old

In Marseille, around thirty unaccompanied minors have pitched their tents in the city center, near the Old Port, since Sunday. Mostly from West Africa, they protest against the lack of support for young people in appeal, that is to say who are waiting to be seen by a judge to assert their minority. Until now, they lived in two squatted buildings and did not receive any real offer of rehousing.

With our correspondent in Marseille, Yoram Melloul

Brahim is seated on a cushion. He is surrounded by sixteen tents installed under a kiosk of the town hall of Marseilles which he occupies with about fifty young people expelled from two squatted buildings in the city center. ” You can’t sleep on the street and go to school the next day. Even if you go to school, you won’t have peace of mind. Morale is not good and winter is coming. »

The squat offered a few months of respite to Brahim. But this 16-year-old Guinean is now without a solution. ” We want to study, we want to be trained. We want to work here, that’s all we ask, he insists. We don’t smoke, we don’t drink, we don’t take drugs, there are no drug addicts here. We are all unaccompanied minors. All we ask of them is to take care of us. »

Presumption of minority

Among the hundred people present at the installation of the camp, there is Hélène de Saint Ours. The volunteer spent eight months with these young people sleeping in the squat. ” For all the young people who are in appeal, that is to say for whom the service of the department which must evaluate their minority or not, says that they are not minors, and who start a legal action to prove their minority , we ask that during this period, they have a presumption of minority. So supported by the services of the department. She also asks the authorities to shelter these young people for at least two months.