In Mali, Kidal welcomes more than 4,000 displaced people from Talataye

Displaced people from Talataye, in northeastern Mali, continue to flock to Gao or Kidal. On September 6, this locality was the target of an attack by EIGS, the Sahelian branch of the Islamic State group. For six months, more than 900 dead have been deplored, according to the count of local communities, including 42 in Talataye. The others fled in a hurry. And they gradually arrive in Ménaka, Gao or even Kidal, where their reception is organized as best they can.

Seven hundred families, more than 4,000 people, mostly women and children, have arrived in Kidal in recent days. A figure provided by civil society in Kidal, and confirmed by the Minusma office in Kidal, in connection with the coordination of humanitarian organizations present in the area.

All come from Talataye or surrounding camps. It was the MSA, an armed group signatory to the peace agreement, which evacuated to Kidalalso with the help of some elements of the CMA from Talataye.

The town of Talataye is located about 150 kilometers from Gao.

Drilling and shelters

Attayoub Ag Intallah is the brother of the amenokal, the traditional Tuareg chief of the Ifoghas tribe, which controls Kidal. He is also the president of the civil society of Kidal, fully mobilized for the reception of the displaced: “ There is good will he said, there are collections for young people, women and associations. First you need water, food, shelter and care. These are the first things people need. »

Some displaced people have settled with relatives, who welcome them as best they can. For the others, land located 4 km from the city is being developed: “ We’re going to make some shelters for those who couldn’t bring anything for shelter. We intend to bring in water from the borehole ready “, explains Attayoub Ag Intallah.

Contacts are established with several international organizations. The local representatives of the Malian transitional authorities are informed of all these initiatives. But to date, Bamako has not contributed to the care of displaced civilians. Their fate has, moreover, and this is the case of the massacres perpetrated in the north-east of Mali for six months, been the subject of any official press release.

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