In Mag Futura: “What mysteries are still hidden by the Moon? “

In Mag Futura What mysteries are still hidden by the

At the heart of the first file that opens the paper magazine Futura: the Moon and its last mysteries. A subject that will make the headlines in 2022 and for the rest of the decade, with the expected return of humans to its surface and international collaborations. Pre-order the first issue now !

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[EN VIDÉO] Le Mag Futura, first edition
Futura has launched a new challenge: writing a paper magazine! This review focuses on four major questions that we explore through surveys, reports or major interviews. This Mag is a big bet for an independent web media and that is why we need your support.

First of all, thank you to all our readers because thanks to your contributions: more than 700! Our goal: 2,000 contributions! We are really very happy to see that you like this project, and your enthusiasm gives usmomentum for the rest.

Why a file on the Moon?

Our motivation for the Futura mag is to give you an annual meeting to decipher the major scientific questions of our time (read Why is Futura launching a paper magazine?).

Among our four files – four cardinal points for 2022! -, spread over about fifty pages, the first looks at the star closest to us, the Moon. Why ? Because humans are returning there from this decade, and this time, not for a few hours, but to settle there more permanently. In this perspective, many projects are in preparation, as much on the American side with the Nasa, as Chinese and European (ESA). And without forgetting, the private sector with SpaceX and its competitors, plus many start-ups, who are fighting over construction various elements essential for ambitious installations.

Kick-off of this reconquest: February 2022, with the inaugural flight of the SLS for the first part of the Artemis program (sister ofApollo).

Sterile and arid in appearance, the Moon is not that much in the end, as recent discoveries show about what hides its basement … Good news for future colonists who, populating lunar villages (printed in 3D?), Will have a lot to do in terms of research, exploration, exploitation, preparation for the conquest of Mars, etc.

In short, we return to the moon to prepare for the future and understand our past and also that of our Solar System.

On the program of our Moon file

Reporting. Lunar water: the rush for the poles

A Toulouse laboratory opened its doors. We are refining a high-tech device that should land on the Moon with a Chinese probe in 2024. The objective: to better understand where and how the lunar water is located. All the space powers are already rushing to the poles of the Moon, hoping to exploit it …

Investigation. Where does the moon come from ?

Ejection of a “drop” of matter from Earth in fusion, capture of a mysterious distant star, giant cataclysmic impact or product of a vaporization within a gigantic donut … Back on the evolution of theories seeking for 150 years to understand the origin of our satellite, each more fascinating than the next.

Photo gallery. A Brief History of Moon Observation

A little contemplative overview in image of the Moon. Of Galileo at NASA, ever more precise sketches and photos of the Moon say a lot about the scientific history of our understanding of the Moon, and our still-intact fascination with its wonders.

Investigation. Do we owe life to the Moon?

They say we need water liquid and organic matter for a planet to be habitable. But what if a moon was also needed? Scientific investigation in many disciplines reveals to what extent the Moon has been able to help protect the Earth from cosmic cataclysms and promote the development of life …

Astronomy tutorial. How to calculate the distance of the Moon from your garden?

Because science is not just a reading, but also a practice, here are some great tips from the ancient Greeks to calculate in theeye naked, via some calculations, the size of the Moon and the distance that separates us from it!

The rocket of the Futura paper mag is assembled and soon in orbit. Now we are aiming for the moon!

Help us for this first launch.

Unheard of: Futura launches its very first paper magazine ! A 200-page review, 4 files on Science that will mark 2022.

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