in Madrid, demonstration of police angry at the government

in Madrid demonstration of police angry at the government

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated this Saturday, November 27 in the middle of the day between the Puerta del Sol and the Ministry of the Interior, in Madrid, to protest against the intention of the socialist government to amend the law on citizen security . For the most part, the demonstrators are members of the security forces who protest against measures weakening them, according to them, in the face of delinquents.

With our correspondent in Madrid, Francois Musseau

National police, municipal or regional police, but also Civil Guards, not to mention their families and many sympathizers, ordinary citizens …

All say they are angry with the government’s bill aimed, according to them, to diminish the rights and powers of law enforcement and consequently to favor those who violate the law.

María Jesús moved with her husband, a municipal police officer to a municipality in the south of Madrid. ” I came to support the security forces, both the police and the Civil Guards, she says. Because the authorities are attacking them in an incredible way. All the rights that they give to delinquents, they take away from the police.

Hundreds and hundreds of law enforcement personnel. You could just see Spanish flags and the acronyms of most of the police unions. Among the demonstrators were also representatives of the three right-wing parties, for which the initiative of the Socialists endangers the security of the country.

Luis, retired Civil Guard, agrees: “ All we have left is the police. Otherwise, we are heading straight for another Venezuela. It’s horrible. They keep opening ways to destroy Spain. The date for the vote on the law has not been set, but the demonstrators have promised to protest until the end to avoid a law they deem dangerous.

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