in Kharkiv, metro stations used as classrooms

in Kharkiv metro stations used as classrooms

In Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, residents live under constant threat from Russian missiles and drones. In this situation, it is impossible for children to attend classes in their schools, some of which have also been destroyed. Since the start of the school year in September, the town hall has opened classrooms in five metro stations in the city.

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With our special correspondents in Kharkiv, Anastasia Becchio & Boris Vicith

It’s playtime in one of the seven classes set up in a subway gallery. Due to lack of space, students stay in the roomwhose marble wall is decorated with alphabets and characters from school textbooks.

Timour, 9 years old, says he appreciates this “metro school” which he attends three times a week. “ It’s good here, the food is good, and the classes too. I’m happy, because I’m with my friends, we can chat. I went to school in Germany, Poland, but it’s better in Ukraine », Reports the boy.

In another room, a student solves an operation on an interactive board. Natalia Andrenko is a first grade teacher. “ For a long time, children did not have the opportunity to see and talk to each other. And now, it’s finally possible for them. They come with pleasure, because here, they are with their comrades. Nothing replaces human contact », Estimates the teacher.

“They are already more sociable”

It’s also easier for them to ask questions if they don’t understand a point in the course.. Children are happy to come here. They have changed : at the beginning of the year, they were more closed, they were shy, and now, they are already more sociable “, she continues.

According to the town hall, more than 2,100 primary and secondary students attend these “metro schools”, or only 2% of the city’s schoolchildren. In this context, the municipality is considering finding new safe places to accommodate students.

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