In Italy, former mafia boss Francesco Schiavone chooses repentance

In Italy former mafia boss Francesco Schiavone chooses repentance

After 26 years of reclusion in the maximum security prison of Parma, in Emilia-Romagna, Francesco Schiavone, former head of a very powerful Camorra clan, decided to collaborate with justice. In exchange, the criminal, sentenced to several life sentences, obtained to be placed under a less severe prison regime in the Aquila prison, in Abruzzo.

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With our correspondent in Rome, Anne Le Nir

Francesco Schiavone, 70, dominated the Casalesi clan for decades, until July 11, 1998, the date of his arrest in Casal di Principe, the Neapolitan stronghold of this formidable clan. Main accused in the “Spartacus” maxi trial against the Camorra, he was sentenced in 2010 to life imprisonment for six murders, including that of anti-mafia priest Giuseppe Diana, in 1994.

For the president of the anti-mafia parliamentary commission, Chiara Colosimo, this new repentant represents “ yet another blow against organized crime “.

However, some Camorra specialists question its reliability. “ Two of his sons decided before him to collaborate with justice but without much result », observes the author of the bestseller Gomorra, Roberto Saviano. And to add: “ I doubt he will explain where the Camorra’s money is and its links with political circles. »

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