In Iran, cameras to spot unveiled women

In Iran cameras to spot unveiled women

The Iranian police announced this Saturday, April 8, that henceforth unveiled women will be identified using surveillance cameras installed in public places and on the roads.

With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

The Iranian authorities announced on Saturday the installation of cameras in public places and on the roads with the aim ofidentify unveiled women defying the rules of dress imposed by the authorities.

SMS warning

According to the police statement, warning SMS will be sent to women who do not respect the veil as well as the photo taken. These text messages aim to warn these women against the consequences of repeating their act.

More and more Iranian women are abandoning their veils since the death, in September 2022, of the young Mahsa Amini during her detention by the morality police for not having respected the compulsory veil. The ensuing revolt was violently repressed by the security forces, killing several hundred people.

No details on the consequences

This hasn’t stopped many women from going out in the streets without veils or going to shopping malls, restaurants and cafes. The police statement does not specify what the consequences will be for women who continue not to wear the veil.

The veil has been compulsory for women since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Offenders are subject to public reprimands, fines or arrests. In recent days, several officials, including President Ebrahim Raissi, have claimed that the veil is a legal and religious obligation.

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