In Hungary, what opposition to Viktor Orban?

In Hungary what opposition to Viktor Orban

What can we expect from this newcomer on the Hungarian political scene? Facing Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in power for almost 14 years, Peter Magyar intends to move the lines and he created his new party Stand Up Hungarians.

He is a man of the inner circle, but today he denounces corruption, a child abuse scandal covered up by the authorities and all the dysfunctions of the country, from health to education. Already 13% of voters say they support him. But the road is long. It’s the report in Budapest by Florence Labruyère.

Note that for next June 9, the date on which the European and municipal elections will be held, the Debout les Hungarians party will not be able to run because it was not able to register in time, but we can imagine that the opponent joins the list of another party competing for these elections.

The European eye of Franceline Beretti

In Russia, three people were arrested in Dagestan in connection with planned attacks and the attack on the City Crocus Hall, near Moscow, which left 144 dead. The terrorist organization Islamic State in Khorasan, which claimed responsibility for the attack, is targeting Russia, but this attack is also reshuffling the cards in Europe.

The blessing of homosexual couples in the Catholic Church

Three months ago, Pope Francis published the text Fiducia Supplicans, authorizing the non-liturgical blessing of homosexual couples. An initiative coming from the Vatican and received with great perplexity in Europe and elsewhere. Explanations from our correspondent Cécile Debarge.

The Orthodox Church in Serbia launched a very different campaign. One of the country’s most important prelates has also written to the government to criticize national education which, according to him, promotes homosexuality and transgender ideology. The explanations of Simon Rico.

The Lutheran Church in Sweden

And at the other end of Europe, Sweden. The Lutheran Church came out in 2009 in favor of same-sex marriage. It is also a homosexual woman who was the bishop of the capital Stockholm until 2019. Eva Brunne says that these changes did not happen overnight. Our correspondent, Carlotta Morteo, met her.