In his Sunday prayer of the Angelus, the Pope again mentions migrants

In his Sunday prayer of the Angelus the Pope again

Pope Francis expresses his “ pain ”After the recent tragedies involving migrants in the Channel, on the Belarusian border, or in the Mediterranean. At the end of the Sunday prayer of the Angelus, the Sovereign Pontiff once again condemned all “ instrumentalization »Migrants.

With our correspondent in the Vatican, Eric Sénanque

The day after a meeting in the Vatican with a group of migrants hosted by an Italian diocese, Pope Francis was once again keen to react with force to the recent tragedies that have affected people in search of a better world.

The Holy Father asks: ” How many migrants are exposed, these days, to very serious dangers, and how many lose their lives at our borders? I feel sorrow at the news of the situation in which so many of them find themselves: those who died in the English Channel; those on the borders of Belarus, many of whom are children; those who drown in the Mediterranean …

The bishop of Rome also mentioned these migrants repatriated to North Africa, and who are, he denounced, “ captured by traffickers who turn them into slaves », Where women are sold and men tortured. The Pope also wanted to recall, in his words, those who “ tried to cross the Mediterranean in search of a land of well-being and found, on the contrary, a grave “.

François wants solutions to be found so that in no case these migrants are the object of instrumentalization, and that their humanity is respected. Strong words pronounced a few days before his trip to Greece where he is expected once again on the island of Lesbos.

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