In Guinea, exchange of arms between the Prime Minister and his Minister of Justice

In Guinea exchange of arms between the Prime Minister and

In a letter, Bernard Goumou criticizes his Minister of Justice for having requested the opening of too many investigations, targeting civil servants for their management of public money. Charles Wright responded in a four-page letter.

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With our correspondent in Conakry, Matthias Raynal

In his letter, the head of government questions the steps taken by his Minister of Justice, both in form and substance. “ It is with great surprise, he writes, that I learned through the media of the injunctions that you made to prosecutors to open investigations. » After the heads of administrative and financial affairs divisions, it is the mayors who are now targeted. Hundreds of civil servants in total who are all prohibited from leaving the territory.

The tone is dry, sounds like a call to order. In his letter, Bernard Goumou tackles Charles Wright, noting that several injunctions issued since he took office have remained unanswered. Finally, he asks her to suspend all procedures. In a response written the same day, Charles Wright refused to comply. Over four pages, he justifies his decisions, supporting articles of law.

This is not the first time that heated exchanges between members of the transitional government have been exposed, but they have never concerned Bernard Goumou. The leak of these official letters has in any case been widely commented on in Guinea in the media and on social networks.