In GTA Online, the Heist Cayo Perico is just right for you

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A good load of money is waiting for you in Cayo Perico. Here you can see why the heist in GTA Online is so worthwhile and what awaits you on Tuesday.

What has changed at Cayo Perico? The heist on the island of drug lord El Rubio has been popular in recent months. With fast runs you can bag yourself GTA dollars in the millions. The lucrative business has now been strengthened again with the start of the new bonus week on November 17th.

The coveted Panther statue is now available for you to pick up for a limited time. And in a few days, Rockstar Games is planning a big community challenge.

Bonuses at Cayo Perico now active

What bonuses are there? A few bonuses from Rockstar Games have been activated around the Cayo Perico Heist.

  • You only pay half the equipment costs
  • You have until November 21st to loot the rare Panther Statue once
  • GTA+ members are guaranteed to find the Pather Statue weekly through December 12th
  • The Cayo Perico series (game mode) brings double rewards
  • Grab the statue now!

    What does the statue bring? The Panther Statue is the most valuable treasure you can steal on Cayo Perico. The single value is 1.9 million GTA dollars on normal difficulty. On the “Hard” level of difficulty you get 2.09 million GTA dollars. So the theft really pays off for you.

    Keep in mind that you’re only guaranteed to get the statue from the first Cayo Perico heist you play this week of the event. Then there are the usual rewards.

    What’s happening on Tuesday?

    Rockstar Games says: In the blog post, the developers write, “…check back on Tuesday, November 22nd as the Heist event culminates with a high-profile community challenge.”

    The past few weeks have been all about the different heists in GTA Online. They give you more money and cost less to prepare.

    Players suspect the challenge will be something similar to what we had 2 years ago. In 2020, Rockstar challenged the community to steal 100 billion GTA dollars. As a reward, the team then promised a free vehicle surprise.

    Shortly thereafter, you could pick up the Brioso 300 for free in GTA Online – basically THE Heist vehicle. So it’s quite possible that this event will be a similar challenge where you can unlock a cool vehicle.