In Germany, anti-hangover infusions are delivered to your home

In Germany anti hangover infusions are delivered to your home

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    Dr Gérald Kierzek (Medical Director of Doctissimo)

    Called Hangover Refresh, a German company markets a vitamin infusion solution that helps combat hangovers after a night of too much drinking. “Be careful of trivializing excessive alcohol consumption,” warns Dr. Gérald Kierzek, emergency physician and medical director of Doctissimo.

    Fatigue, headache and nausea: after an evening of too much drinking, few people escape the famous hangover. Would it be possible to avoid it, thanks to a vitamin solution administered by infusion? In any case, this is the promise made by the German company Hangover Refresh, which markets it and delivers it to your home.

    An intravenous solution to get better, really?

    If we are to believe the promises of the German company, their solution based on physiological serum and vitamins (C, B1, B6, B12, folic acid) would make it possible to “get rid of your mouth in a very short time”. Of wood. The company claims on its website that “the effect is felt after just a few minutes and headaches and fatigue disappear as if by magic“. Even stronger, the solution would also be “effective against colds and flu”.

    Questioned about these practices, Dr Gérald Kierzek warns of a trivialization of alcohol consumption. “This way of presenting things can be considered as an incitement to drink” specifies the emergency doctor. “Furthermore, let us remember that there is no miracle solution against hangover“.

    “The best prevention against alcohol is not to drink” believes Gérald Kierzek

    Before being able to order the product online, the site asks the user a few general questions about their health and provides them with the number of a doctor to contact if necessary. Then, for 99 euros, the solution will be delivered to his home, which will be administered by a medical assistant. Delivery is possible in central Berlin, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., we can read in the article International mailwhich takes information from a German newspaper.

    But what are the risks of this type of practice, ask German experts? For Gérald Kierzek, “there is no real risk in receiving an infusion of physiological serum, it helps fight against dehydration induced by the drink, but the action must remain in the medical sphere“What worries the doctor more is the relationship to alcohol that this type of practice induces. Because “The best prevention against a hangover is not to drink” he concludes.

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