in France, the rebels launch their campaign

in France the rebels launch their campaign

This is the last of the members of the ex-Nupes to launch its European campaign: La France insoumise showed its muscles this Saturday March 16, bringing together several thousand people near Paris during a “convention for Europe “. A demonstration of force aimed at showing that LFI remains the leading force on the left in France.

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With our special correspondent in Villepinte, Aurélien Devernoix

Despite the disappointing polls, between 7 and 9% of voting intention, the rebels are not giving up. The danger from the far right is too great, they repeated all afternoon this Saturday, while the National Rally is now given a majority in the event of the dissolution of the Assembly in France.

We will therefore have to be present on June 9 for the Europeans, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, finally present on the list, insisted from the podium. And for this, the strategy is clear: mobilize.

The three-time candidate for the Élysée, finally present on his party’s list for the European elections, did not miss the opportunity to “presidentialize” the upcoming election, a first round, according to him, with a view to 2027.

We must not end up once again with the fascists on one side, and the Macronists on the other. You must, through the campaign that we are leading, rise in front of everything, and everyone, to be able to fight and prepare, in 2024, the election of 2027, that is to say the rout of all our adversaries and the victory of the program that we carried together. And then, they tell me: “You are taking risks, you are very low today. ” So what ? We’ve already been lower. You have to start well. So it starts today.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon kicks off the LFI campaign for the European elections

Aurélien Devernoix

Mobilize pro-Palestinians – Franco-Palestinian lawyer Rima Hassan, eligible on the list, received a standing ovation; mobilize overseas – the president of La Réunion Huguette Bello will also be part of the battle.

Also mobilize to crush the ex-partners of Nupes – “ hypocrites », castigated the former boss of the Young Ecologists Camille Hachez, joined by LFI. “ We must force the union », Judges the environmentalist MEP Damien Carême, another prize of war.

Because “ strength goes to strength », recalled Jean-Luc Mélenchon. And these European elections will be the first stone of the 2027 presidential election, insisted the rebellious leader. A dangerous strategy, however, in the event of underperformance, recognizes an LFI framework. But ” we have already started lower », as Jean-Luc Mélenchon says.

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