In France, people took to the streets on May 1: A clash broke out between the police and the protesters!

In France people took to the streets on May 1

Protests against the controversial pension reform on 1 May Labor and Solidarity Day in France began eventfully.

The people of France continue to demonstrate against the reform, which increases the retirement age by 2 years, on May 1, Labor and Solidarity Day. In the 13th of the mass protests against the pension reform in the capital Paris, a clash broke out between the police and the demonstrators.

The French press reported that at least 22 people were detained in Paris before the demonstrations began.

In the footage on social media, it was seen that the demonstrators responded with fireworks to the police, who attacked them with tear gas.

In the city of Lyon, it was noteworthy that the demonstrators opened umbrellas against the possibility of the police using drones in the actions where the protesters broke the windows of the workplaces and set the garbage cans on fire.

On the other hand, while demonstrators started a fire at the entrance of the governorate in the city of Nantes, the police detained many people in this city.



Mass demonstrations broke out in France on March 16, following the government’s decision to pass the bill, which includes increasing the retirement age from 62 to 64, without voting.

Violence took place in many parts of the country between the police and the demonstrators, who responded harshly to the demonstrations.

More than 1,000 people have been detained in protests across the country since March 16.

The Constitutional Council, to which the opposition and the government applied to determine whether the reform was in conformity with the constitution, approved the article of the draft law that increased the retirement age to 64, and rejected the 6 articles in whole or in part.

The bill was signed by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and published in the Official Gazette. (AA)