In Destiny 2, a machine gun is the new star in PvE – “To say the least: overwhelming”

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Machine guns haven’t been the Warden’s first choice for pure boss damage in Destiny 2’s PvE for a while. That could have changed with “Retrofit Escapade” from Season 19, however. The MG not only shoots mega fast. With the right properties, it clears everything easily – even dungeon bosses. MeinMMO tells you how to get it.

January 18 update: With Hotfix, Bungie has adjusted the “Fugitive Projectiles” explosions mentioned in this article. This fixed detonations triggering more than expected at a higher cadence. (via

What makes the gun so good? “Retrofit Escapade” is the new Seraph Void machine gun from the current Season 19. It has a 900 fire rate and therefore shoots extremely fast. But it also makes effective use of two other benefits.

  • The Target Aim weapon perk grants you a 17% damage bonus after hitting the same target for a few seconds. Damage increases to 40% with a sustained rate of fire.
  • “Retrofit Escapade” also deals Void damage and can therefore be perfectly combined with “Volatile Missiles” from Season 16. This makes the weapon even better, because further hits on fleeing enemies also cause the target to explode. This effect is overwhelmingly good, to say the least, especially on the weapon.
  • Also, if you’re playing a Void Hunter and have the Falcon Harness Exotic, the weapon automatically gains Volatile Missiles after you turn invisible and deals additional bonus damage. In PvE, this is a 35% damage bonus that lasts for 5 seconds.
  • The Season 19 Machine Gun Retrofit Escapade

    All of this together currently results in a hell of a good machine gun that you should not do without at the moment and even outshines linear fusion guns in many places.

    So if you make the effort to get the weapon’s blueprint, you’re not only getting a weapon that does high damage, but also one that offers practical versatility and great ammo economy. Fun factor included.

    First damage tests are overwhelming: The player TeeGlizzy did damage tests on the ogre in the dungeon “Drain of Greed” and presented them on reddit:

    However, some players in the Destiny reddit do not believe that this can be what Bungie wanted. Mainly because there should normally be a delay between the fleeting explosions.

    In reddit, however, the keeper explains krokenlochen:

    There is usually a delay between fugitive explosions on a single target. With a fast weapon and a decent damage buff, or stack with [dem Granatwerfer] However, drought collectors can get the ephemeral explosions permanently […] and deal more damage.

    writes krokenlochen in destiny reddit

    So, unless Bungie tweaks anything here, the Retrofit Escapade Void Machine Gun could become a real high-end DPS option after heavy weapon damage is rebalanced in the upcoming Lightfall DLC. Mainly because then linear fusion rifles should be nerfed by 10-20%.

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    How to build the Retrofit Escapade machine gun

    Currently, players can get the machine gun relatively easily. You can either buy it in the HELM at the Exo Case or you can play the seasonal activities. You either have to hope for a perfect lucky drop or better for a weapon with a red frame to get in the mood. Once you have obtained 5 attunable deep vision weapons, you can craft the machine gun as a godroll.

    We recommend that you build the following perk combination for the MG:

  • “Arrowhead Brake”: Greatly controls recoil, increases handling speed
  • “Tactical Magazine”: Offers several tactical improvements.
  • “All Good Things Come in Fours” (Improved): Getting 4 precision hits returns 2 shells to the magazine. Resets if no precision hits are made within 2 seconds. With the upgraded perk, the timer between precision hits is increased.
  • Target Aim (Improved): Damage increases the longer this weapon remains on the target.
  • masterpiece: stability
  • Weapon Mod: “Boss Spec” – Increased damage against bosses and vehicles.
  • This is what our crafted godroll for the MG “Retrofit Escapade” looks like.

    If you want to increase the magazine capacity even further, you can also use “Enlarged Magazine” instead of “Tactical Magazine”. This allows you to fire almost 200 more bullets before you have to reload.

    Have you already unlocked the blueprint for the new machine gun? Then feel free to tell us in the comments what you think of the new DPS insider tip and whether you also think that this is far too good to be true.

    At least the damage values ​​of this machine gun are not fake, like the subscription service leak:

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