in China, the year of baby dragons?

in China the year of baby dragons

Asia is celebrating this Saturday, February 10, the entry into the year of the dragon. A star animal of the Chinese zodiac, appreciated in particular for its courage and wisdom, and which generally leads to a slight rebound in the birth rate.

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From our correspondent in Beijing,

In the crowd of young parents in a hurry and babies wrapped in quilted sheets to face the cold of winter, this mother-to-be smiles as she places her hand on her rounded belly. The examination in this clinic on the third ring road in Beijing went well, the delivery is planned for March.

I wanted a baby dragon. Because the Chinese attach importance to the lunar calendar. And the fifth of the zodiac, the dragon, is very good. It seems like it’s better to be a dragon “, she confides.

Good omen

And even much better, adds her boyfriend. An opinion shared by this scooter flower delivery man: “ The year of the dragon is favorable for births. The dragon is believed to be a good omen, which is why many couples want to have a baby this year. »

Will there be a mini baby boom for the Lunar New Year? “ We saw a peak in births during the last year of the dragon in 2012, the fertility rate should therefore increase slightly in 2024, assures Zhai Zhenwu, president of the Demographic Society of China quoted speak Times of Finance.

The dragon effect

A dragon effect on a plummeting birth rate ? Not sure, tells us this other future mother, pregnant with a baby dragon by chance:

“Personally, I didn’t plan my pregnancy based on the zodiac. This is an unexpected event. Of course, being born in the year of the dragon is well-regarded in China. And many people are planning to have a child especially this year. But hey, for me, the most important thing is to have a calm and serene state of mind, that was also good for the rabbit (laughs). »

Despite a brief expected rebound in the number of newborns over the next two years, the birth rate is expected to continue to decline, specialists say.

Year of the Widow

Same thing for marriages, especially since a superstition says that a “year without spring” is not good for unions. However, spring began before the Lunar New Year this year and the next Lunar New Year will take place on January 29, 2025, this time before the start of spring. According to some popular beliefs, the “years without spring” are also called “years without spring”. widow’s years “.

To educate the public and allay fears, China Central Television broadcast a report explaining that there was no link between a year without spring and bad luck », recalls the South China Morning Post. “ The year of the widow has nothing to do with science and common sense », We still read in the opinion section on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Since the end of the one-child policy, the authorities have been trying to revive marriage and the birth rate.