in Budapest, rally of the opposition to Viktor Orban on the eve of the European elections

in Budapest rally of the opposition to Viktor Orban on

In Hungary, nationalist Prime Minister Victor Orban gathered thousands of supporters in Budapest on Saturday June 8 for a “peace march”. Tens of thousands of people also participated in a meeting in Budapest of the rising figure of the Hungarian opposition, Péter Magyar, on the eve of the European elections.

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Basically, who does this government love? Not the Hungarians, that’s for sure! If he loved us, he wouldn’t have let so many people die during the pandemic. » says Péter Magyar during his 200th speech, while during Covid-19, Hungary had the highest mortality rate in the world, in relation to the population. The charismatic forty-year-old, who in three months became Viktor Orban’s main rival, is still as combative as ever. Peter Magyar spoke for many minutes to a crowd of several tens of thousands of people, perhaps 100,000 on Heroes’ Square in Budapest in torrid heat, reports our correspondent in Budapest Florence La Bruyère.

In the crowd there are Hungarians who came from all over the country to listen to him. His party is credited with 20% voting intention for the European elections, while that of Viktor Orban would have 32% voting intention among the entire electorate. Noémi came from Lake Balaton, with her two children. For her, the June 9 vote is a first test for Péter Magyar’s new Tisza party. “ It doesn’t matter whether the party has 30%, or less, or more… The main thing is that in three months, an unknown person managed to mobilize an impossible crowd! »

Unprecedented protest

It was in February that this high-ranking official burst onto the political scene, initiating a protest movement against Viktor Orban unprecedented since the latter’s return to power in 2010. At the time, he did not even know that he would found a party. He was able to take advantage of the anger of Hungarians after a scandal caused by the pardon granted to a man convicted in a child crime case.

Investing in health, restoring freedom of education… Péter Magyar presented a real government program. The objective is clear: “ Let’s show that the Tisza party is the only one that can challenge this corrupt power in the next elections ! Stand up Hungarians, homeland above all ! »

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