in Brazil, arrest of the alleged sponsors of the assassination of Marielle Franco

in Brazil arrest of the alleged sponsors of the assassination

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Six years after the assassination of this black Brazilian elected official, feminist activist, three people were arrested, reports O’Globo : a deputy and his brother, himself an advisor to the Court of Auditors of the State of Rio, as well as the former head of the city’s civil police. As the daily explains, they were denounced by the former member of Rio’s military police, who shot the Rio city councilor and her driver, killing them both.

A carefully planned crime

Marielle Franco was killed in March 2018. But the trio reached an agreement in the second half of 2017, details O’Globo. The police chief had promised the two brothers that he would ensure that they were not worried. It was he who planned the assassination, explains the newspaper, adding that he had “ even forbade the execution of Marielle (Franco) to take place near Rio town hall “, because if the murder had appeared to be political, then the federal police would have been responsible for investigating. It was absolutely necessary for the investigations to remain within the control of the Rio police. Police who, just like the city’s justice system, dragged out the investigation for years. As explained Folha de Sao Paulothis affair brought to light the “ contamination of Rio de Janeiro institutions by organized crime “.

The motive of the crime ?

According to FolhaMarielle Franco was killed because she was seen as an obstacle to militias and land usurpation “. The two brothers wanted to obtain the regularization of land and illegal constructions in the west and north of Rio for commercial purposes, while the municipal councilor, born in a favela and figure in the fight for the rights of black and LGBT communities , campaigned for a social use to be reserved for them.

Last day to register with the Electoral Council for Venezuelan presidential candidates

Main opposition alliance demands three more days, news site reports Tal Cual. A delay requested because the codes provided to them to register their candidate online do not work. Their candidate who is now Corina Yoris. This 80-year-old philosopher and university professor replaced María Corina Machado, whom the Venezuelan justice system declared ineligible.

Nicolas Maduro will submit his candidacy today. And he will do it with great fanfare, explains El Universal. His party called on all its supporters to travel with him. A real show of force, party executives hope.

Venezuelan woman living in Spain on hunger strike

Venezuelans living abroad are supposed to be able to register to vote since last Monday. But in reality, this is not the case. The process, which should last until April 16, has fallen behind schedule, explains El Nacional. An unbearable delay for a young Venezuelan who lives in Spain and who began a hunger strike on Saturday. It was installed opposite the Venezuelan consulate in Madrid. She accuses Nicolas Maduro of wanting to deprive the 4 million Venezuelans who live abroad of their right to vote, and of their right to demand change for their country.

In Chile, the San Antonio slum on the Pacific coast, one of the largest in the country, will be destroyed

Justice gave its occupants six months to leave, reports the radio Cooperativa. Three thousand families currently live on 260 hectares of illegally occupied land. The authorities want to recover them to build a new access to the city’s port. But the residents refuse to leave. One of their representatives, interviewed by the radio, explains that the government is offering them a solution to rehousing “ rat holes “. And anyway, the residents want to stay in their homes and ask the State to buy the land. As their lawyer explains, “ the houses are built. There are streets, avenues, stores. »