In a Samurai game on PS5, you’ll be rewarded with silver for collecting and petting cute cats

The option to pet cute cats or dogs in video games is common. But a game on PS5 now even rewards you for that.

What kind of game is this? The game “Rise of the Ronin” is a PS5 exclusive title in which you play a Ronin as a masterless samurai. Even though Rise of the Ronin is reminiscent of the Souls games, it is not a classic Soulslike.

Story fans as well as Soulslike players should get their money’s worth with the title. This should be ensured by different levels of difficulty that determine the gameplay. In the game you can decide for yourself how difficult it should be.

The game delivers a dynamic story in which you can choose whether to keep characters alive or kill them, thereby changing the course of the story.

You can see the trailer for Rise of The Ronin here.

Rise of the Ronin is releasing with a new trailer

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The best side task will now be rewarded

What exactly is rewarded? In Rise of The Ronin you can pet cats. To do this, you have to find them in different locations throughout the map. For every cat found and petted there are some silver coins as a reward. The cats are collectibles in the game and you can find them all over the map.

In many games, the developers let us pet cats or dogs, but hiding them all over the map as collectibles is something special, especially because there are rewards for doing so.

Are the cats well hidden? The cats sometimes stay in unusual places, but they are also cats and they can climb well. Maybe that’s why the developers didn’t choose dogs. The X user (formerly Twitter) @SynthPotato has shown in a video that the cats can also be on house roofs.

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Even though finding cats is more of a fun side quest, most players probably enjoy petting animals in video games.

Not only cats, but also dogs and other animals delight the hearts of players. Because many players like petting so much, we have created a whole list of RPGs in which you can pet animals: 5 RPGs that you should play if you want to pet animals