In a new game on Steam you have to save your company as Death

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Have a Nice Death is an action roguelike that has been available in Early Access on Steam for a year. The full version of the game was recently released and is currently doing very well on the platform with 87% positive reviews.

In Have a Nice Death you play a stressed out Death who is the CEO of Death Inc. Your job is to bring order to the company and show your employees who’s wearing the hooded cloak.

In the 2D action game you fight in hack’n’slash battles with dozens of opponents and restore order in your company. After each defeat you can unlock more items and upgrades for death.

The roguelike has been in Early Access on Steam since March 2022. On March 22, 2023, the full version of the game was released with additional content such as new enemies and weapons, as well as balance and gameplay overhauls.

Here’s a trailer for Have a Nice Death:

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What is the gameplay like in Have a Nice Death? You fight your way through the floors of your company with your scythe. In addition to your main weapon, you can get hold of various gadgets and power-ups along the way to make your Grim Reaper even stronger.

If you die on your tour of the company, you will lose any items you are carrying, in roguelike fashion. Only the gold bars, with which you can unlock additional items, remain with you.

What are “roguelike” games and why are they called that?

You’ll meet a variety of creepy-cute characters on your office tour, like your little assistant Pump Quinn, who will provide you with the latest office gossip. The cute 2D design and the sometimes dry humor in particular are well received by many players.

But you also have to prove yourself against challenging opponents and bosses in Have a Nice Death and kill the hellish creatures in fast hack’n’slash battles.

Here you will find a detailed presentation of the roguelike by our colleagues from GamePro.

The game is verified for the Steam Deck and works very well there according to Valve’s tests.

How do players rate Have a Nice Death? The roguelike is doing very well on Steam. Of the total of 6,025 reviews, 87% are good (as of March 27, 2023). Some compare it to other popular games like Hollow Knight, Hades and Dead Cells.

  • TaxEvasion215: “Hollow Knight if it was like Rougelike”.
  • Wendigo: “My first roguelike after Hades. I just love this game. So stylish and captivating. If you like roguelikes or have a dark sense of humor and like to punish yourself. Try it”.
  • Razur: “That’s what would happen if Hollow Night and Dead Cells had a little baby!”
  • How much is Have a Nice Death? On Steam you can get the game reduced by 10% in the special offer. You currently pay €22.49 instead of €24.99. Promotion ends on March 30, 2023 (as of March 27, 2023).

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