In 4 episodes, this series about a completely crazy true story will become the new obsession of Netflix subscribers

In 4 episodes this series about a completely crazy true

A cult, aliens and a true story… A new documentary series is released this week on Netflix. Visible in less than 4 hours, it will excite subscribers.

Netflix documentary series have a way of getting people talking about them with each release. After The Tinder scammer or more recently The kidnapped truth: from dream to American nightmare, these mini-series inspired by often astonishing news stories fascinate subscribers of the streaming platform. Wednesday February 7, 2024, a new series of the same ilk can be discovered on the global audiovisual giant.

Netflix is ​​putting the documentary mini-series online on this date about the self-proclaimed “prophet of the extraterrestrials”. Thanks to archive images and testimonies, the streaming platform looks back on the story of Claude Vorilhon. Now aged 77 and living in Japan, the latter created a sect fifty years ago claiming that he spoke in the name of extraterrestrials.

Dressed in white, with curly hair and the beginnings of baldness, the man who called himself “Raël” roamed the TV sets to tell of his meeting with the inhabitants of a distant world. This would have occurred on December 13, 1973, according to his account. While this former singer and automotive sports journalist was walking in the Puys d’Auvergne, he says that a flying saucer landed in front of him and that an extra-terrestrial came out.

This being would have affirmed (in French) that men had been created by his species and that Raël should now spread this word on Earth. He will then say that the extraterrestrials took him to their planet, where he met Jesus and Mohammed.

Echoing the moral revolution of the 1970s and the conquest of space, several hundred people, often educated in a strict religious framework, will follow this “prophet of the extraterrestrials” who will advocate sexual freedom and reject the established order. In 1995, the movement was officially classified as a sect by a parliamentary report and accusations of pedophilia emerged. But the guru is not going to give up and will relocate his business to Canada, where the Raelian movement claims to have cloned a human baby, without any proof having been provided. Today, Rael’s sect still has thousands of members scattered across the world.

Rael, the prophet of extraterrestrials is available on Netflix on February 7, 2024. With only 4 episodes of less than an hour each, this documentary mini-series can be watched in just four hours. Ideal for those in a hurry. However, you need a subscription to the streaming platform to benefit from it.