In 2023, 70 percent of vehicles in Turkey will travel without insurance.

Motor insurance prices in Turkey increased by an average of

As far as it is brought to the agenda today, based on 2023 data, 70 percent of the vehicles on Turkey’s roads traveled without insurance.

Emre Özpeynirci by Here As reported, 20.52 percent of the vehicles on the road in Turkey will be uninsured in 2023. 70 percent of them traveled without insurance. According to the same sharing, while only 1/3 of the automobile fleet in Turkey is insured, this rate is approximately 1/4 in the total vehicle fleet. On this subject, Özpeynirci said, “Unfortunately, the uninsurance rate in Turkey is becoming more serious day by day due to the decline in the economy, the decrease in purchasing power and the increasing premium prices.” he comments. Before this “Which cars are the most common on Türkiye’s roads?” An updated answer was given to the question. Again ozpeynirci by Here As reported, “Which cars are the most common on Türkiye’s roads?” The current answer to the question is exactly as follows:
-Tofaş Şahin/Doğan/Kartal: 820.962
-Toyota Corolla: 628.137
-Renault R12-Toros: 553.164
-Renault Megane: 538.121
-Renault Clio: 535.718
-Fiat Egea: 510.676
-Opel Astra: 448.849
-Ford Focus: 398.781
-Renault Symbol: 381.708
-Renault R9-Broadway: 351.183
As you can see, at the top of the list is the legend “bird” series, these vehicles, in which industrial masters specialize in repairing and even go beyond expertise, continue to be the standard of Turkey’s roads. There is no big surprise in the list where the Taurus legend is third. Very old vehicles need to be removed from traffic due to safety and environmental issues, but unfortunately economic conditions do not fully allow this.