Important warning from experts about infected teeth: ‘There is a wrong perception in society’

He drew attention to the health problem that may occur

Dental problems experienced by many people of all age groups can cause great disagreements and information pollution among citizens. While operations on abscessed teeth are defended with great disagreement among the public, experts give very clear answers. Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Dentistry Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Ömür Dereci stated that abscessed teeth can also be treated in line with the dentist’s findings after the examination and said, “In most infections, removing the tooth and removing it immediately can be much more beneficial for that patient.”


Deputy Dean Ömür Dereci stated that the use of antibiotics in dental infections should be controlled in order to prevent antibiotic resistance, which is one of the most important issues of recent years, and said, “We use antibiotics very carefully in dentistry, especially in dental abscesses and dental infections. Because, as we know, antibiotics have some problems when used too much. For example, they can create resistance. Antibiotic resistance has become a very important issue in recent years. They can also cause side effects. In all studies, it is recommended that antibiotics be used in the least amount and dose possible and used in the most effective way. We use antibiotics for dental infections only when absolutely necessary. The infection can sometimes remain locally, that is, regionally around the tooth, without spreading throughout the body or progressing throughout the body. In these cases, there should be no need to use antibiotics. “We do not find it appropriate for the doctor to quickly say “You have a dental infection” and prescribe antibiotics,” he said.


Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Dentistry Deputy Dean Prof. stated that if it is determined that the infection has not reached the body through examination, abscessed teeth can be treated. Dr. Ömür Dereci used the following statements:

“Whether antibiotics are used on infected teeth or not, there is a misperception in society that abscessed teeth cannot be extracted. There are different types of infections and abscesses. We succeed in treating the infection by eliminating the causative agent. The factor is the tooth itself. It must be a microorganism. The microorganism must pass from the root of the tooth to the tissues there and initiate an infection process there, and the tooth acts as a source here. The sooner we treat the tooth, the sooner we eliminate it, the quicker we can defeat the infection, whether or not antibiotic treatment is available. That’s why there is an inaccurate perception that abscessed teeth should not be extracted. Of course, in advanced infections that spread to the human body, the tooth should not be extracted immediately. “In some cases, we need pressure with antibiotics, but in most infections, removing the tooth immediately and extracting it immediately can be much more beneficial for that patient.” (UAV)This content was published by Hande Dağ

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