“I’m just telling it like it is…”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

The Norwegians are still dominant on the men’s side in biathlon.
Then the Swedish coach Johannes Lukas puts extra pressure on the bitter rival.
– I just say it as it is, says Lukas to Aftonbladet.

Much continues to go against the Swedish men during this year’s biathlon season. In Antholz this weekend shot Peppe Femling eliminated the Swedish team in the relay by incurring a penalty round.

Norwegian mockery

Sweden has only been on the podium in one of four relays this World Cup season. Norway? They have won all competitions.
– We are having an absolutely fantastic season. We have broken all the records. It is very special to be part of such a strong team. I myself am eighth in the overall World Cup, yet I am only the fifth best Norwegian. That says a lot about our level, says the Norwegian star Tarjei Bö to Aftonbladet.

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221201 Tarjei Bø of Norway competes in men’s biathlon 4 x 7.5 km relay during the IBU World Cup on December 1, 2022 in Kontiolahti. Photo: Kalle Parkkinen / BILDBYRÅN / COP 211 / KP0040

Tarjei Bö is surprised that Sweden did not manage to make better results in the relays, and also takes the opportunity to send a pik to the Swedish camp.
– Some Swedish skaters have extreme potential, but in a relay you have to have four skaters who perform. You should have Bjorn Ferry or Fredrik Lindström. You guys had a crazy team at the Olympics in South Korea (2018), but since then things have gotten a little more difficult.

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“Then it’s a failure”

Sweden’s head coach John Luke however, does not agree with Tarjei Bö, and does not agree at all that you need any other skaters than the ones you already have.
– No, we don’t need that. I can recall how it looked before the WC two years ago. Then we came seventh in the relay here in Antholz. Two weeks later we took silver at the WC. Everything is possible in biathlon, but you have to believe in it and I do, says Lukas to the newspaper.

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211128 Johannes Lukas, during women’s 7.5 km sprint during the IBU Biathlon World Cup on November 28, 2021 in Östersund. GERMANY OUT Photo: Johan Axelsson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 245 / MT0258

At the same time, he strikes back against the Norwegian approach, by putting pressure on the big competitor before the upcoming WC.
– If they travel home from the WC with a silver medal from the relay, you can almost talk about fiasco. They must win every race. Johannes Thingnes Bö really have to win every race or it’s a real fiasco. I’m just telling it like it is. After all, they win all the races here, so if they don’t win at the WC, it’s a failure in my opinion.

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