illimity, Sparrow: “A wave of Utp is coming. We need to help companies to get back to work”

illimity Sparrow A wave of Utp is coming We need

(Finance) – “After having had to face three consecutive crises, the industrial fabric that survived the Darwinian selection is now robust.
I expect a wave of UTPs from the crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine. The great challenge for operators is precisely that of providing credit to these companies and helping them to return to performing well out of contingent situations “. founder and CEO of illimity, Corrado Passera, on the sidelines ofNpl Banca Ifis meeting in Cernobbio.

“The world of UTPs concerns those companies that have a problem that is perhaps only a contingent one but are in difficulty. It is therefore necessary – underlined It will pass – help them to get out of this situation, to understand with them if the problem is contingent, strategic managerial. It also means creating new finance because working with the UTPs means giving credit to living businesses. It is not like in the NPL world where there is basically a recovery problem. Here it is a question of helping companies that want to return to performing and have the ability and ambition to be able to do so. It is clear that to do a job of this kind you have to play on the entire keyboard of the instruments: you have to use credit, equity, servicing, you have to have the ability to invest in these companies. This is the fundamental work in which we have specialized as illimity, especially in the world of corporate UTP. What we add in these corporate restructuring processes is bringing sector expertise: experts from that sector who participate with the company and with us to evaluate the company, understand the business plans and then follow them in their development “.