Il Sole 24 ORE, ok from shareholders on balance sheet. AD: return to profitability and exit from the Consob Gray List

Il Sole 24 ORE ok from shareholders on balance sheet

(Finance) – Theshareholders’ meeting Of The sun 24 hoursa publishing group listed on Euronext Milan, has approved the 2023 budget and resolved to allocate the result for the year amounting to 7,707,675 euros for 826,029 euros to fully cover losses from previous years carried forward and for 6,881,646 euros to the Net Equity item “profits carried forward”.

“The 24 ORE Group confirmed the growth path undertaken in 2023, achieving a very positive result, which consolidates the return to profitability with a profit of 7.7 million euros and which confirms the turnaround already started in 2022 with the return to profit, after 14 years net of non-recurring items – commented theAD Mirja Cartia d’Asero – The results achieved with the 2023 budget also represented a fundamental step in contributing to the recent Consob’s decision to revoke the additional disclosure obligations quarterly and therefore the exit from the so-called Gray List. An achievement of which we are particularly satisfied and proud and which encourages us to always do better, strengthened by having demonstrated continuity in building an increasingly sustainable and multimedia business and, at the same time, a renewed credibility on the market”.

The members also resolved to appoint Chiara Laudanna as director of the companyco-opted on 27 March 2024 to replace Alessandro Tommasi, who resigned with effect from 27 March 2024.

Finally, the first section of the Report on the Remuneration and assigned the task of statutory audit of the accounts for the financial years 2025-2033.