If you’re starting Diablo 4 with Game Pass, you should definitely do a few things before Season 4

Diablo 4 has been available in Game Pass since the end of March, expanding its player base. On Reddit, the community collects tips for players who are new and want to prepare for Season 4.

On March 28th, Diablo 4 moved to Game Pass and brought many new players into the world of Sanctuary. Many of them seem to be wondering why Diablo 4 is considered so bad among hardcore fans, especially compared to Last Epoch. They received hundreds of responses on Reddit.

In another post on Reddit, the community collects helpful tips for those new to Diablo 4 through Game Pass. Season 4 starts in May, so players still have some time to prepare until then.

The leaderboards came into play in Season 3 and will remain in place afterwards:

Diablo 4: The developers talk about the leaderboards and how you get there

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You should do this before Season 4

What should you do before Season 4? On Reddit, the user “SagyBagy” wrote a kind of “guide” on April 1st for all players who came to Diablo 4 through Game Pass. He gives the following tips there:

  • Complete the campaign: He highly recommends playing the campaign at least once. The last quarter of the campaign has a lot of great cutscenes. He even played through the final phase several times without skipping it while helping other people. The artwork team did a fantastic job. You have to play at least the prologue if you want to skip the campaign.
  • Collect Altars of Lilith: As you walk or ride through Sanctuary, you will encounter statues of Lilith. You can find these in all areas. If you interact with them, one of your primary stats will permanently improve – and this applies to all of your characters.
  • Complete the Fame for your character: You can access region progress on the world map. There you can see how many activities you have completed in each region and what rewards you have received. When you create a new character, in a subsequent season, you can claim bonuses and thus make a little progress.
  • This is what the region progress looks like for the new character if you have previously discovered all altars, waypoints and areas. Potion capacity is also increased.
  • Tool tip setting: In his article he also recommends turning on the tool tips in Diablo 4 to see what values ​​the items have and where the values ​​on equipped items compare. The tooltip comparison also shows you which stats/affixes you lose or gain when you change your piece of equipment.
  • Use build guides: The user writes that players should not hesitate to use websites for build guides. There are helpful builds and descriptions of how the synergies between the skills work. This means you can adapt it to your playing style or your own preferences.
  • In the comments, a user noted that you should team up with friends if they play Diablo 4. This makes it “less like working and more like hanging out.” Someone notes that the game lacks the social features for that. Players have generally been criticizing this for a long time.

    Other users ask what they can do after the campaign in Diablo 4. Someone summarizes the endgame activities in the comment:

  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • Complete region progress and complete bases
  • Hellfloods, especially to obtain materials
  • World bosses
  • Tasks for the Tree of Whispers
  • PvP
  • With Season 4, another endgame activity is coming to Diablo 4. In the “Pit” (in German: The Pit) you will find new materials, the “Stygian Stones”, with which you can summon “Level 200” versions of the bosses. You can find out what else the new season brings and when it starts here: Diablo 4: All information about Season 4 – start, features and preparation