If you stop Avatar 2 at exactly minute 148, the most disgusting scene in the movie happens – it has a deeper meaning

If you stop Avatar 2 at exactly minute 148 the

Avatar 2: The Way of Water is a family-friendly sci-fi blockbuster. Only in this way could James Cameron’s work bring in more than 2 billion US dollars at the worldwide box office and become the third highest-grossing film in history. However, one scene in Avatar 2 is so violent that it caused many gasps of surprise in cinemas.

Avatar 2 has been available on Disney+ since June 7th*. That means you can watch the disgusting scene over and over again in peace. We’ll tell you where to find it – and what’s behind it. Spoilers follow.

Look closely: in Avatar 2 body parts fly through the air

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The Tulkun in Avatar 2

  • It’s about this scene: In the finale of the blockbuster, one of the whalers loses his arm fighting one of the Pandora’s whales. The scene only lasts a few seconds. If you glanced at your smartphone, you’ve already missed them.
  • When is the scene coming in Avatar 2? If you watch the movie minute 148 If you stop you can see the amputated whaling arm soaring through the air.
  • What exactly happens in the arm scene

    That fights in the finale of the blockbuster Water people Metkayina against the nasty whalers. The battle splits into several smaller fights. One of them: Tulkun hunters against Tulkun, that’s the marine-biologically correct term for the tattooed whale creatures.

    Our protagonist is the Tulkun Payakan, soulmate of Lo’ak (Britain Dalton). His opponent: The hunter Mick Scoresby (Brendan Cowell). For minutes, the film builds the arm-down scene on. Payakan wraps around Mick Scoresby’s hunter’s boat with powerful curves and the steel cable that was actually supposed to fix him. Payakan dives down with a bang, soft whaling arm gets caught between hard boat wall and unyielding whaling rope. 30 tons (the weight of a normal humpback whale) presses against Mick Scoresby’s biceps, separating him from the rest of his body.

    What the arm scene means for the movie (quite a lot)

    Behind the arm scene is, among other things, a personal revenge story, as we explain in more detail in this article. The short version: Payakan lost part of his fin in a fight against the hunters. In the scene above, he retaliates on an eye-for-an-eye basis. The arm scene also shows the complex emotions the wily animals are capable of – and that the human vs. Pandora war involves not only the Na’vi, but also the animal and plant world.

    On the subject:

    When is James Cameron’s Avatar 3 coming out?

    Avatar 3 will officially release on December 20th, 2024 in German cinemas. It won’t stop there. James Cameron is planning a five-part science fiction series about Pandora, Sully and the Na’vi.

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