If you have itching that increases at night, be careful about this disease! It affects 300 million people in the world

It will take place on April 8 Warning from scientists

About the scabies disease, which has been talked about frequently lately, Prof. from Medipol Mega University Hospital Dermatology Department. Dr. Filiz Topaloğlu Demir made important statements.

Prof. Dr. Filiz Topaloğlu Demir stated that scabies is an important public health problem and said, “Sarcoptes scabiei var. It is a very itchy and contagious parasitic skin disease caused by the scabies mite, also known as Hominis. It can be seen in both genders, men and women, all age groups, all socioeconomic levels and all ethnic groups. However, situations such as overcrowded environments, migration, malnutrition, poor hygiene conditions, homelessness and dementia increase the rate of disease. Approximately 300 million people worldwide are thought to have the disease. Because the scabies parasite can survive longer in cold environments and is sensitive to antimicrobial peptides in summer sweat, its incidence increases in autumn and winter months rather than in the hot summer months. “It is especially common in places where people live, such as nursing homes, barracks, schools and dormitories,” he said.