If you don’t want to spend €250 on PvE in Tarkov, check out the €16 shooter from a German developer

Should you currently have an alternative to Escape from Tarkov If you’re looking for PvE and co-op, you might want to look at “Incursion Red River”. Steam interesting for you.

What’s Tarkov PvE all about?

  • Escape from Tarkov (EFT) released a new PvE co-op mode on April 25, 2024, in which there should be permanent progress and no wipes.
  • The catch: The mode is currently only permanently available via a new edition that costs €250.
  • Even owners of the expensive EOD edition still have to pay around €100 to be able to play the mode permanently – otherwise they can only play Tarkov PvE for six months.
  • Many Escape from Tarkov players are extremely angry because the mode is far too expensive and not included in the EOD edition and the new edition also has P2W content. There was a lot of criticism from the community for EFT developer Battlestate Games.

    German EFT-Like with co-op and PvE – on Steam

    What kind of game is this? Incursion Red River is a tactical extraction shooter developed by the German development studio Games of Tomorrow GmbH and released in Early Access on Steam on April 10, 2024. The game previously ran under the working title “Project Quarantine” and invited people to a demo in February 2024.

    The gameplay of Incursion Red River is very reminiscent of Escape from Tarkov and other extraction shooters, but only offers PvE. However, you can go into battle cooperatively with up to three friends. If you want to play PvP, you won’t find an alternative to EFT here.

    Nevertheless, the typical gameplay loop of an extraction shooter awaits you: you take on missions in your hideout, grab weapons and equipment and start a raid. You then try to complete these missions on a large, open map, collect new and possibly better loot and successfully extract it at the end of the raid.

    Incursion: Red River gives a first impression of the gameplay in the Steam Next Fest trailer

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    Incursion Red River also relies on gameplay that is as realistic as possible. So there’s no minimap, colorful hit markers, or the ability to heal up to 100% with a syringe or bandage after you’ve been wounded.

    The gunplay also tries to give you a realistic feeling for the different weapons and the corresponding recoil. These weapons can also be customized and individualized as usual with various attachments.

    Of course, the loot and equipment management of a real EFT liker shouldn’t be missing. You have to clean up both the camp in your shelter and your backpack and make sure you don’t run out of space.

    The Incursion Red River stash

    Vietnam instead of Eastern Europe

    What setting does the shooter take place in? Incursion Red River is not set in a fictional Russian city, but takes you to a fictional version of contemporary Vietnam.

    A civil war between gangs, militias and private armies is raging in the Southeast Asian country and everyone is trying to take advantage of the chaotic situation. This is also reflected on the map. The map takes you to a tropical area, with green forests and hot temperatures.

    Since Incursion Red River is not set in a futuristic future or far in the past, there are modern rifles, attachments and related equipment.

    The country is also marked by the ongoing civil war and the associated destruction and neglect.

    The roadmap promises: weapons, a new map and more

    What awaits the game in the future? Incursion Red River is currently still in Early Access and that means that the shooter will be provided with new content in the future. The developers have already shared a roadmap on Steam and showed what is to come in 2024.

  • a completely new map
  • 7 new weapons are planned
  • more types of missions you can complete – bosses & defense
  • An expansion for the Health System – various status effects and new animations for using medical items
  • different behavior patterns for the AI
  • extreme weather
  • a rework of the loot
  • Animations for interactions – opening doors and looting
  • Much praise despite the early stage of development

    How is Incursion Red River rated? Incursion Red River has almost 77% positive ratings out of almost 2,300 reviews on Steam. The basic idea behind many player reviews is that the game has potential, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

  • bungie20 via Steam: “What was promised was delivered. Nothing more, nothing less. Definitely worth recommending for the money! There was no crash in the game in 13.5 hours, everything worked as it should. What more could you want other than content and it will be delivered.”
  • Cross via Steam: “The game is in ALPHA. This is TRUE Early Access. […] This is a risk. For your $15 you don’t get an endlessly replayable experience, just a single level and a handful of weapons to modify and the classic Tetris-like inventory system.”
  • Mardy_Jim via Steam: “The game has a lot of potential and is excellent in many ways – the price, the way the game looks, the selection of weapons, attachments and equipment […]but there are some issues that REALLY need to be ironed out.”
  • Overall, every potential buyer should be aware: Incursion Red River is still in an early stage of development. There is only one map, a limited selection of weapons and no one should be surprised by one or two bugs. In the end, it’s up to you to say whether it’s worth almost 16 euros to you or whether you’d rather buy the 250 € edition of EFT.

    Another realistic extraction shooter coming in 2024 is Gray Zone Warfare. Only recently were some content creators able to test the promising title and show it publicly: Gray Zone Warfare is reminiscent of Tarkov in a jungle and already has 150,000 viewers on Twitch in the alpha