If you change one thing about your gameplay, you’re instantly better

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has tweaked a lot of gameplay and plays differently than its predecessors. That’s why MeinMMO author Maik Schneider has a little tip for you that used to be good and is now almost OP – run slower.

In this short guide I would like to give you an important tip that can improve your playing style from now on:

  • Sprint less, be slower overall!
  • I’ll give you 3 good reasons to slow down in CoD MW2 so your killfeed can flourish.

    By the way, Season 1 is coming up soon – here you can find all the information. You can find more about Warzone 2.0 in the video:

    CoD: Warzone 2.0 is getting bigger and better – but you have to do without one thing

    CoD MW2: Slow down! – Movement mechanics are weaker

    What does that mean? Compared to previous CoD titles, the movement has been heavily nerfed. This can also be seen in two important techniques:

  • Slide cancel no longer in game
  • Bunny hopping is hardly worth it anymore
  • The sliding itself is also significantly slower than before and doesn’t let you fire for a certain time. Overall, many actions in the game are slower, such as using equipment or activating killstreaks.

    You shouldn’t stop sprinting completely – a quick run from one cover to the next is still strong. However, if you suspect enemies to be nearby, always stay at walking speed if you don’t yet know where the enemy is.

    Also pay attention to the mission goals in the individual modes – an important tip from MeinMMO user “Hosen queue”. To collect tokens in “Kill Confirmed” or to quickly score points in a position, sometimes all that remains is a quick sprint.

    CoD MW2: Level up weapons quickly – 3 tips for more weapon levels

    CoD MW2: Slow down! – Weapons have better stats

    What does that mean? Sprinting makes your weapons worse. There are several modifiers that affect your sight speed (ADS speed / ZV speed). The faster you are, the slower you are to target, which leads to disadvantages in direct combat:

  • Normal Running: Default ZV speed
  • Sprint: Decreased ZV speed
  • Tactical Sprint: Even lower ZV speed
  • If an opponent rushes around the corner at full speed, then this has a big disadvantage on his sight speed. If you’re not playing a range-focused combat rifle, you’ll be able to target faster and shoot the enemy out of the picture.

    However, hip fire submachine gun setups can still annoy you. Because they don’t need to be in their sights and can shoot straight away – but they only have a short range.

    But in general, always keep moving – especially with a controller. Otherwise the powerful Aim-Assist does not trigger completely – keyword “target rotation”.

    CoD MW2: Slow down! – Footsteps and environment focus

    What does that mean? Footsteps are a valuable tool for spotting opponents even without visual contact. However, if you run around, your opponent’s footsteps will be covered by your own footsteps. You simply hear opponents worse.

    In addition, long-term sprints usually do not allow sufficient reconnaissance. You couldn’t quickly check every corner, left and right every time you traversed an uncovered area.

    Relax, use all your senses and listen to every sound. Incidentally, enemy footsteps sound different than friendly footsteps. The best settings for louder steps can be found here.

    I’ve been in the franchise for 14 years and the movement has probably never been as relaxed as it was in Modern Warfare 2.

    Perfect for my style of play, my preferences – I could never do anything with the CoD jetpacks and I also recommend my teammates to proceed calmly when things don’t go so well.

    Add a few relaxed snacks on the table and the evening can go on until late at night: 7 gaming snacks that taste good, but don’t mess up the controller or mess up the keyboard.

    Do you want to extend my tips? Do you have any tips on how Run&Gun players can also benefit from the mechanics? Leave a comment on the topic.