If this icon appears on your smartphone, you should definitely not charge it

If this icon appears on your smartphone you should definitely

Using your smartphone carries risks. If you recharge your battery when this notification appears on your screen, the consequences could be disastrous.

Every year, smartphone brands develop new technologies and features aimed at making your mobiles more efficient. A little-known property deserves to be known if you want to avoid the worst. In fact, a specific symbol aims to alert you to the state of your smartphone and here is why you should definitely not recharge it at the same time.

User security is a priority for smartphone manufacturers. For this reason, several alerts and notifications have been integrated to prevent potential dangers. However, very few people know what these alerts actually mean. This is the case of the water drop icon. Regardless of the model of your phone, Samsung, iPhone or other, when this icon appears, it means that moisture has been detected in the charging port of your phone and this situation can be very dangerous.

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Indeed, by charging a smartphone with moisture in the charging port, you can cause a short circuit. In addition to damaging your phone, you expose yourself to sparks or even fire if this happens unsupervised. To avoid this, it is crucial to let your phone dry before charging it.

So how to proceed? Contrary to popular belief, experts advise against placing your phone in rice or other cereals, as this could make the situation worse. Instead, they recommend wiping the device with a dry cloth, perhaps shaking it gently (5-10 times) with the port facing down to remove excess moisture. Then, place your smartphone on a table and dry it using a fan, without hot air. You will find a mobile dry and ready to use.