If the last drop is constantly falling into the panties… Have you ever wondered why this happens?

If the last drop is constantly falling into the panties

Many men can feel a wetness in their underwear after they finish using the toilet and zip up their pants. Even waiting a moment and gently shaking the penis after the urine stream is gone won’t stop it. This condition is said to affect about 58% of men.

This condition is also known as post-void drooling and involves involuntary leakage of urine soon after urination. But could it have any serious meaning?

urethral stricture

Stenosis of the urethra causes the urine to not be able to be discharged easily from the bladder, and therefore to the accumulation of urine in the bladder and the inability to empty the bladder completely.


Benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms lead to different symptoms depending on the course of the disease and the degree of growth. Complaints due to prostate enlargement usually begin in the 50s and increase with advancing age. Complaints in prostate enlargement occur due to the narrowing of the urinary tract surrounding the prostate gland.


Urologist and pelvic surgeon Dr. Rena Malik suggested an exercise you can do at home to help you in an interview. Known as bulbar urethral massage, the practice is a procedure where you “take your fingertips about an inch behind your scrotum and push them upward toward the base of your penis.” “You then apply pressure to get the excess urine out,” she says.

Dr. Malik states that this process should be repeated once or twice after you have finished urinating. Kegals or exercises that involve stretching, squeezing, or shaking the penis can also help.