If ingrown hair is not treated, it creates other problems!

General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Çetin Altunal said that it is a condition that occurs as a result of the hairs moving under the skin and starting an inflammatory process. Although ingrown hair is a disease that can occur in any area with hair, the most common place is the coccyx.

Sitting while slouched increases the likelihood of occurrence.

Since the appearance of the symptoms usually takes time, when the diagnosis is made, it is often encountered with ingrown hair in the advanced process. The most important symptom in diagnosis is pinhead-sized holes in the coccyx.

A: There are 2 hair rotation holes in the coccyx.
B: The ingrown hair area can be opened and emptied.
NS: The entire ingrown area can be removed


It is a treatment method that you can return to your daily life in 15 minutes without the need for anesthesia, without dealing with procedures such as the operating room and anesthesia examinations.

We use disposable devices while performing your treatment. Thus, your treatment is carried out exclusively for you and without loss of time. There is no hospitalization, pain that will prevent you from working, dressing or a situation that prevents you from maintaining your daily life. After 15 minutes, you will experience the comfort of being able to continue your life.

You can go to work, do sports, continue your exam or class on the same day after the procedure.


  • Pinhead shaped hole or perforations
  • pain
  • Swelling
  • Stream
  • Itching

Hair loss treatment

It is a disease that must be diagnosed and treated. If it is neglected and not treated by the person, the condition that is acute at first can turn into a chronic one. If ingrown hairs are not treated, the damages to the patient are as follows:

  • The abscess that has formed gradually increases in severity.
  • Itching and odor complaints increase.
  • A new one may come next to the hairs settled in the area.
  • If left untreated, it becomes chronic and causes severe pain to the patient.