Icon Magdalena Forsberg’s open-hearted words about Stina Nilsson – after major criticism: “Stina has not…”

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Stina Nilsson has had to endure harsh criticism during the season.
Now the great pride of Swedish biathlon enters the debate.
– Stina does not have the security that makes it easier to perform, says icon Magdalena Forsberg to SportExpressen.

The third season of the biathlon career has not been fun at all Stina Nilsson. The 29-year-old has not convinced at all either in terms of riding or on the shooting range and ended up far down the results list at the World Cup.

Criticism of Stina

The Swede has had to endure harsh criticism from the experts and recently she was also kicked from the World Cup and sent down to the IBU Cup. Above all, it is the ride that has left the experts puzzled.
– Stina rides like a junior. She should be able to ride significantly better and smoother, said the SVT expert Bjorn Ferry earlier last winter.
– Stina Nilsson rides indescribably slowly, she should be up and sniffing at the best riding time, said the Norwegian icon Ole Einar Björndalen in his criticism.

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221026 In this handout image from the Swedish Biathlon Union, Sweden’s Stina Nilsson is seen posing for a portrait on October 26, 2022 in Idre. Photo: Per Danielsson / Swedish Biathlon Federation / Handout / BILDBYRÅN

Now another big and respected name enters the debate about Stina Nilsson. Swedish icon Magdalena Forsberg has also noticed the worrying development and delivers its explanation.
– Skiing and shooting often go together. If you are a little unsure of your shooting, it can affect your riding. It is a complex sport. Elvira Öberg had a weekend where the skiing did not work one hundred percent, but she got the shooting together and was able to take two victories. She is where she should be, she knows she can fight at the top even if the riding is not at its best. And then you get a security that makes it easier to perform, and Stina is not there yet, says “Magda” in an interview with SportExpressen.

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Forsberg’s words

But despite the tough season for Stina, Forsberg is still not worried about the future and her continued career as a biathlete.
– It’s like that with sport and development, sometimes it shines and sometimes it can level off for a while. Then it is important to lie in and then that development curve can start again. That’s where we are now, I think, that it’s leveling off a bit. And then people start questioning, but let her run her race and her plan, I think it will be fine in the end. She is wise, Stina, says the legend to the evening newspaper.

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220204 Magdalena Forsberg in Discovery’s Olympic studio before a broadcast during the Olympics on February 4, 2022 in Stockholm. Photo: Johanna Lundberg / BILDBYRÅN / code JL / JL0240

Magdalena Forsberg won six World Cup golds, the overall World Cup six years in a row and took a total of 15 championship medals during her career. When she is asked whether Stina Nilsson has a place in the WC squad or not, the answer is unfortunately negative.
– For me, there are four obvious ones (Elvira Öberg, Hanna Öberg, Linn Persson and Anna Magnusson) and then Mona Brorsson who will be selected for the WC. Mona showed that she is at it again. So they are going to the WC in my world, if nothing unforeseen happens in the next few weeks, says Magda in the interview.

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