ICJ orders Israel to provide “emergency” aid – L’Express

ICJ orders Israel to provide emergency aid – LExpress

The Israeli military offensive against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas continues on Friday in the Gaza Strip as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to provide “urgent humanitarian aid” to the civilian population there , threatened with famine.

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⇒ A deadly strike in Syria

⇒ Israel: the ICJ injunction

⇒ Netanyahu still wants to enter Rafah

A deadly strike in Syria

At least 36 Syrian soldiers were killed in an Israeli strike which targeted the Aleppo region in northern Syria at dawn on Friday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH).

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According to this NGO based in the United Kingdom and which has a vast network of sources in Syria, the strike notably targeted “missile depots belonging to Lebanese Hezbollah”, which fights alongside the Syrian regime. Contacted by AFP from Jerusalem, the Israeli army responded “not to comment” on this information.

Fighting continues in Rafah

In the Gaza Strip, the Hamas Ministry of Health reported “dozens of deaths” during fighting and air raids, particularly in Rafah (south), a city considered by Israel to be the last major Hamas stronghold and where There are 1.5 million Palestinians, the vast majority displaced by the hostilities.

Israel: the ICJ injunction

In addition to the human toll and destruction, the war has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in the besieged Palestinian territory, where the majority of the 2.4 million inhabitants are now threatened with famine according to the UN, which deplores insufficient aid to meet needs. Population.

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“There is no other place in the world where such a large number of people face imminent famine,” the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) summarized on X.

Israel must “ensure without delay” that the provision by all interested parties of basic services and urgently required humanitarian assistance is ensured “without restriction and on a large scale”, the International Court of Justice declared on Thursday. justice (ICJ) based in The Hague. During the night, Hamas welcomed the ICJ’s decision and called for its “immediate implementation” so that it does not become a “dead letter”.

Netanyahu still wants to enter Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier reaffirmed Thursday his determination to launch a ground offensive in Rafah despite international pressure, including from the United States, against a major operation there.

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“We hold the north of the Gaza Strip as well as Khan Younes (south). We have cut the Gaza Strip in two and we are preparing to enter Rafah,” he told families of soldiers hostage in the Palestinian territory.