Ice hockey: Sweden zeroed by Germany – gets nightmare opposition in the quarter-finals

Germany’s goalkeeper Sandra Abstreiter quickly grew into the big wall against Sweden. She plays everyday in Ottawa in the professional league PWHL, and showed why she was signed there.

In just the first two minutes of the match, she was responsible for several really sharp saves where it could very well have been a goal.

The ladies’ crowns

  • Sweden ready for the quarter-finals after victory against Japan

  • Women’s crowns’ Sofie Lundin in the WC after tough times

  • And that’s how it looked during the first two periods when Sweden pushed hard for a lead goal. Despite 25-10 in shots after 40 minutes for Damkronorna, it was 0-0 on the scoreboard.

    Germany took over

    In the third period, it was suddenly Germany who started feeding shots on goal. And the German offensive needed just over eight minutes before the payoff came. Tabea Botthof fired a wrist shot from blue, which put Emma Söderberg in the box when it was headed in via Franziska Feldmeier’s leg.

    Sweden pressed in the final minutes to get an equaliser, and got a chance on the power play with a couple of minutes left. But despite good chances, Abstreiter stood up to the pressure and arranged the group victory for Germany.

    – The desperation we had at the end, we should have had the whole match, I think. I really think we should win this, says Lina Ljungblom to SVT Sport.

    – They have a wall back there that they trust and that Sweden cannot penetrate. It gives confidence, says SVT Sports expert Maria Rooth.

    Sweden will now face one of the giants USA or Canada in the quarter-finals, a nightmare opposition for Sweden.

    – We need to be more efficient, we need to be sharper to get the puck in. We create enough chances, says national team captain Ulf Lundberg to SVT Sport.