Ice hockey: Frölunda’s Malte Strömwall scored a hat trick against Växjö – in less than ten minutes

Strömwall’s first goal came already after 1.18, when he from a position behind the extended goal line corralled the puck into Växjö’s goal via Emil Larmi.

– My first thought is to go around the kitchen. But he cheats a little so I try to poke it in at the calf, he tells TV4 Play.

“Creates an incredible amount”

Just over six minutes later he got free and made it 2–0, and just over two minutes later he made it 3–0, and could thus celebrate the fourth fastest hat trick in elite series/SHL history.

– I know that I create an incredible amount. I haven’t doubted it for a second actually. If you do good things over a long period of time, you usually get good results too, he says, and continues:

– Of course it’s fun that it loosened up a bit at the end. I’ll try to stick with this for the rest of the season, and it should be fine.

The fastest goal in SHL history was scored by Färjestad’s Jesper Olofsson against Växjö in 2020. Then he scored a real hat-trick in seven minutes and eight seconds.

The match is in progress