IBES finally degenerates into shallow, feel-good television

IBES finally degenerates into shallow feel good television

In its early days two decades ago, I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!, casually called jungle camp, was quite wrongly decried as disgusting television. Later it rightly became a much-loved feature section favorite.

With the latest season at the latest, the trash TV veteran has had its day after 20 years and is final degenerated into an all too cozy and cozy family television. The following six reasons led to this and upset me the most.

1.) The jungle camp is far too good to be true

The stars feel right at home in the jungle. And the moderators also show feelings: Even the otherwise sharp-tongued, biting and distant moderator Sonja Zietlow can no longer avoid Tears of emotion about a passed test by the jungle queen Lucy Diakovska. And Lucy herself is constantly in tears because of sheer happiness.


IBES 2024: Lucy is jungle queen

The crying and true compassion that once represented a rare break with the sardonic conventions of moderation seems to be happening now part of the formula to be. As if the format wanted to hug itself out of sheer comfort and compassion.

2.) Celebrities no longer repent, they queue up for the format

Taking part in the jungle camp once meant admitting, full of shame and disgrace, that your career was over. But what career actually? Participation in the jungle now comes to mind Knighthood for reality stars the same and is even declared a career highlight.

It is said that starlets and not stars like Mike Heiter wait eagerly for five years for the jungle camp to call. For many people, nothing better than the jungle can happen. You can find all IBES candidates 2024 in our overview.

3.) Detox in a wellness oasis: Purification and detoxification thanks to IBES

The skin becomes soft and firm and the kilos fall off: the jungle is no longer a borderline experience or a test of endurance. While there used to be a big uproar over the fact that no stars were earned and the camp had to starve, today the participants see the positive side of it: a detoxification and purification, paid for by RTL. How nice!


The jungle camp 2024 was a wellness oasis

Stars used to get angry when there was nothing to eat. Today they know that this makes them unlikable and that’s why they stay cool. And see the jungle as an overdue diet and wellness oasis.

4.) The jungle camp has degenerated into an enrichment for life

No one has regretted taking part in the jungle camp for a long time. It feels like every star’s summary after their successful participation is: It was the greatest and greatest experience they have ever had. But the stars seem to be increasing because of the enthusiasm for the format Forgot to be entertaining.

If this season hadn’t had such an entertaining contestant (and secret jungle queen) as Kim Virgina, what big story would there have been? Except perhaps that Felix von Jascheroff’s dream job is a pirate and David Odonkor can’t stand women in bathing suits. Thanks for the info.

5.) A harmonious adventure: Where have the star airs gone?

Real stars like Heinz Hoenig have long since adapted to the format and no longer want to have anything to do with their own stardom. Only very late almost bashful and taciturnformer film star Hoenig talks about his career and its highlights.

When he has to leave for health reasons, everyone hugs each other in tears. The fellow campers even made a homemade crown for him and Dr. Bob announces that Hoenig is a winner. There is now no trace of competition, resentment and jealousy. Unfortunately, the jungle camp is balm for the soul, but that’s not why I turn it on.

6.) In the jungle camp everyone is more reflective than in a therapy session

Contradictions in the behavior of the participants, which were once revealed by the moderator’s sharp verbal volleys, override the people in the jungle themselves. They know their mistakes and rely on honesty and dare to say what they think more than ever.


Moderation of the Jungle Camp 2024: Jan Köppen and Sonja Zietlow lack the bite

Her ability to reflect has already become an integral part of the show. The fact that some people do it just for the money is no longer an outrage or something to be ashamed of. Nobody in the camp seems to want to rebel against the format itself anymore: Everyone surrenders voluntarily. And seem happy with it.

Much of the criticism of the format lies in the selection of participants. And after 20 years, the campers’ perfect ability to adapt to the rituals and rules of the show, which have already been practiced sufficiently. I want my unpredictable and daring jungle camp back.