“I stood before the door of death a couple of times”

I stood before the door of death a couple of

At the latest as iconic dude in The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges became a cult actor. The star’s impressive career also includes other outstanding films such as Heaven’s Gate, The Fisher King and True Grit.

In a recent interview, the 72-year-old spoke about one difficult time in his lifewhich he recently survived.

Here’s another clip from The Big Lebowski:

The Big Lebowski – Clip (German) HD

Cult star Jeff Bridges had to fight cancer and corona

Speaking to E! News told Bridges how he was after his Lymph node cancer diagnosis 2020 one year later also fell ill with Corona. Since he was undergoing chemotherapy at the time, his health became more critical than ever. In an interview, the star says:

Chemo wipes out your immune system and when COVID hit me I had nothing to fight it. I actually stood at death’s door a couple of times. I remember the doctors saying to me: ‘Jeff, you have to fight.’
I had no idea what they were talking about. I thought: ‘Man I’m in surrender mode here.’ With a great medical team, great coaches and my family, everyone brought me back.

The actor has been there since 2021 on the road to recovery. He has survived the corona infection and the cancer has also been overcome for the time being.

Next you can experience Jeff Bridges in The Old Man. The FX series is coming September 28th to Disney+.

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What is your favorite Jeff Bridges role?