I love to evade Säpo

I love to evade Sapo



full screen Romina Pourmokhtari. Archive image. Photo: Samuel Steén/TT

Climate and Environment Minister Romina Pourmokhtari (L) likes to evade her Säposkydd. She says so in an interview with the Financial Times.

– But don’t tell anyone, she says.

In a longer interview with the British newspaper, Romina Pourmokhtari tells us about her go-to places in Stockholm, about her favorite restaurants, where the shopping is at its best and which dance spots must not be missed.

She also states that she likes to be out in the evenings when the opportunity arises – and that she then tries to shake off the bodyguards from the Security Police.

– I love sneaking away from Säpo to go out late, but don’t tell anyone, she says in the interview.

Via his press secretary Nikki Westerberg, Pourmokhtari tells TT that the quote from the interview should be viewed “”with a twinkle in the eye”.

For security reasons, Pourmokhtari has been forced to cancel a number of missions. In October last year, she did not attend a meeting with the organization Fosilfritt Sweden due to a threat linked to the group Extinction Rebellion.

TT has been in contact with Säpo, who, according to press manager Karl Melin, does not want to comment further on personal protection.