“I love cats so much that I am ready to deprive myself of clothes”

I love cats so much that I am ready to

In China this weekend, owners of dogs, cats and goldfish are meeting at the 10th Pet Show in Beijing: more than 800 exhibitors and 5,000 companies represented in a booming market.

With our correspondent in Beijing, Stephane Lagarde

At the Pet Show in Beijing, it is the customers who make ” meow “. Individuals and professionals with big bags and wheeled suitcases come to get food, medicine, clothes and the latest technological gadgets that are all the rage in the sector.

This shampooer from a manufacturer in Chongqing, in the southwest of the country, already equips more than 6,000 veterinary clinics and specialized shops, according to the seller. ” This is a smart multi-functional shampooer. It is a big hit with our customers because it saves shampoo. The stores take photos and put them on their social networks. »

Nearly 14,000 euros per shampooer, most visitors will content themselves with bringing back a dress or a special doggie coat, cheese croquettes or otherwise “pumpkin chicken” pâté for the cat.


Some 130,000 visitors expected

What wouldn’t you do to hear them purr…” I love cats so much that I’m ready to go without clothes to buy and store quality kibble “says a visitor to the show. “ I love my cat, he is very sweet, even in his meows “, confides this young enthusiast who traveled 700 kilometers by train to come to the show.

On a table, a row of white igloos, digital litters, says the advertisement. These Self-Cleaning Cat Booths Made in Jiangsuprovince of eastern China, are worth 999 yuan, or nearly 140 euros.

It only works when the cabin is closedexplains the seller. The cat comes in and does its business. Once he is out, the machine turns on. We started sales last year, it works well in Europe and the United States, but the price is still high for the Chinese market. »

A young market, booming with the increase in singles which should exceed 60 billion euros this year. Some 130,000 visitors are expected at the show until Sunday.